Can you kill scorpions?

Yes. Many companies will tell you they "Kill the scorpion's food source" because they can not kill the scorpions. The products we use are labeled to kill scorpions and we are comfortable guaranteeing we can kill scorpions. We feel that only "Killing the food source" is asking the customer to cross their fingers and hope for the best. MD Bugs finds that unacceptable!

How can I keep scorpions out of my home?

The first step is a pest control service. The next step is having a professional fully inspect your home/business for entry points. Often we find many points of entries for scorpions. We can recommend a home seal to exclude the scorpions and stop them from entering your home.

As a business owner should I worry about bed bugs?

Yes. This kind of depends on what type of business you own but bed bugs have infested all types of businesses (theaters, furniture stores, second hand stores, daycares, rental businesses, etc.). It is important to have a plan in order in case you ever get bed bugs. After an inspection we can educate you and your employees on what to look for and the likeliness that your business will have to worry about bed bugs.

Are bed bugs hard to control?

That is somewhat of a loaded question. In the ideal situation they are NOT hard to control. Let me define the ideal situation: This means the home is properly prepped for the service, the customer has washed and dried all clothes, linens, etc as asked by the company treating, and that the home is not being reintroduced. Every company that is treating for bed bugs struggles with bed bugs being reintroduced into the home and making all the work look ineffective. It is important to listen to the inspectors and technicians to know what you can do to help the treating company be successful.

Are there any pests you do not control?

Yes. Snakes, squirrels, doves, and a few others. Doves and squirrels are protected under federal guidelines.

How long has MDbugs been around?

MDBugs has been around since 2011; however, the company behind the name has been around for over 20 years. It has been known around the valley as MD Pest & Termite with our pretreat division Permaguard. To expand services and grow our East Valley customers, MDBugs was created, unifying and strengthening both brands-MD Pest and Permaguard.

Can I treat bedbugs in staff?

No. Many state guidelines state that unless the employee is fully certified and supervised under Office of Pest Management guidelines then this is illegal. Also those employees rarely have the training, knowledge, and access to chemicals needed to solve a bed bug issue. It is also a liability that is not worth risking.

Can I rid my home of pigeons?

Yes. Eliminating roosting areas around your home will rid your home of pigeons. Unfortunately, it may just send them next door, but they will no longer be on your home.

Are there truly any health concerns with pests?

Yes. Pigeons, Roaches, and rodents carry diseases and bacteria. It is very important to be familiar as a business owner with the liabilities and dangers of pest infestations.

How often should I have my business/home serviced?

This is impossible to determine without an inspection of your home or business. Most businesses require a monthly services. However, the frequency needed can change upon the needs to control the infestation.

What are your prices?

Our prices vary due to numerous factors:
1. Commercial or residential property
2. Level of infestation
3. Square footage of the structures included and lot included.

Yes. The more locations you have, the more of a discount we can offer. We are always excited to take care of businesses with multiple locations.