Additional Services & A La Carte Items

Stop Pests in Your Gilbert, AZ Home

Stop Pests in Your Gilbert, AZ Home

Pests we offer inspections and services for:

Bed Bugs: We offer liquid treatments for bed bugs. We have found this is a very efficient and affordable service for most situations.
Birds: We offer limited services for Birds. Offering Ultrasonic bird repellent solutions. We DO NOT offer services that cause death to birds.
German Roaches: We offer baiting and residual chemical treatment along with void treatments both vapor & foam applications for both commercial and residential structures.
Rodents: We offer two kinds of baiting systems: A low toxicity anticoagulant that is placed in a bait box that reduces the population and allows us to maintain it; physical non-chemical stations to exclude the rodents from structures.
Scorpions: We offer customized intensive Scorpions service and detailed Black Light programs with site graphing and tracking for high activity sites.
Termites: We offer the latest chemistry in termite applications for customized termite programs both corrective and proactive with 1-5 year warranty terms

Al A Carte - Prices without Reoccurring General Pest Service*

Pest Butler (Monthly Pest inspection and treatment)

$65 Flat monthly fee

Bed Bugs/Fleas/Ticks

Starting at $125

Rodent Maintenance Program

Starting at $125

Weeds Maintenance Program

Starting at $250

One Time Service

$125/per service

Additional services available. Call for inquiries.
*May require a free inspection to assess your property and concerns.